The Founders' Mentality Season 1

The videos below make up the entire first season of The Founders' Mentality. You can watch the full-length videos here or listen to the entire podcast (audio only) by following the link under each episode.
The Founders' Mentality Season 1 Recap


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EP 24.

To Grow, You Have To Let Go #DoBetter

Release Date: December 23rd 2019
Founder | Gardner Builders

Bob Gardner

In Episode 24 (Season 1 Finale) “To Grow, You Have To Let Go #DoBetter” Host Josh Fedie, Founder of is joined by Bob Gardner, the founder of Gardner Builders.

For 2020 Bob’s mantra is to Do Better and to Do More. Anyone that knows Bob is likely wondering how this could even be possible?

He is generous beyond the meaning of the word, leads with care and integrity and is a constant safe place to land for the people that work with him and the people in his circle.

For these reasons and more he was the only logical choice to round out the first season with a positive message for the Holiday season.

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EP 23.

What's the Worst That Could Happen?

Release Date: December 16th 2019
Founder | I Am Sarah Edwards

Sarah Edwards

In Episode 23 “What’s the Worst That Could Happen?” Host Josh Fedie, Founder of is joined by Sarah Edwards, the founder of I AM Sarah Edwards.

Sarah is not what she would call a “born entrepreneur”. She wasn’t the kid with lemonade stands and her family was much more interested in seeing her take a more “safe” rout in her career.

But what is safe today anyway right!?!?

He agency has now been going just shy of 2 years and has found a way to not only make an impact for her clients but the community. They focus on doing more good with everything they do and they make our town better every day because of that.

This is the episode for the founder curious that feels the need to do something new, but fears that they don’t quite fit the mold.

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EP 22.

Bienvenidos a Miami

Release Date: December 2nd 2019
Former COO | Bite Squad

Kyle Hale

In Episode 22 “Bienvenidos a Miami” Host Josh Fedie, Founder of is joined by Kyle Hale of Bite Squad fame.

Not all people with The Founders Mentality have to be the actual founder of the business they work for.

In the case of Kyle, his leadership and entrepreneurial spirit has helped two businesses reach their goal of acquisition in the last 5 years.

Today, Kyle is putting his experience to use in a multitude of ways and I have no doubt that he will again be a part of another success story very soon.

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EP 21.

Knowing When It's Time

Release Date: November 14th 2019
Co-Founder of Joshin

Melissa Danielsen

In Episode 21 “Knowing When It’s Time” Josh is joined by Melissa Danielsen, Co-Founder of Joshin.

A two-time founder, Melissa discusses her “Why” (get ready, it’s a powerful one), the story behind her businesses (One currently being acquired) and the learnings she has taken on while creating her first technology company.

You can tell family is truly a first-priority. Not only were both business created because of and named after her brother Josh, but her co-founder Melanie is her twin sister.

I would not bet against these two or this company for anything in the world. This is going to be a Minnesota success story without any doubts in my mind. Watch out!

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EP 20.

Taking the Hard Way (Sometimes the Best Way)

Release Date: October 16th 2019
Co-Founder of Sezzle

Charlie Youakim

In Episode 20 “Taking the Hard Way (Sometimes the Right Way)” Josh is joined by Charlie Youakim, Co-Founder of Sezzle.

A two-time founder, Charlie discusses what he learned from some of the hardships of his first business and how he applied that knowledge when launching his new company Sezzle.

Additionally, Josh and Charlie discuss the importance in giving your team the ability to access shares to help fund future growth in Minnesota, their epic growth at Sezzle including a recent IPO in Australia and what the future of the company looks like. Spoiler, the future is looking good on this one.

Get ready to learn from one of the FinTech future giants helping to put MN Tech on the map.

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EP 19.

When the Idea Hits (Courage, Ambition & Crazy)

Release Date: September 30th 2019
Co-Founders of Suprabook

Jesse Okiror & Simon Okiror

In Episode 19 “When the Idea Hits” Josh is joined by brothers Jesse & Simon Okiror, the co-founders of Suprabook.

As a litigation attorney, Jesse identified a challenge that not most, but all other litigation attorneys were struggling with. Proper document storage and distribution during cases. The current process requires printing and sorting in multiples of case relevant materials for every case to be prepared in physical binders. This is not only tedious, but incredibly unnecessary in our current digital world.

The only thing standing in the way was the lack of an actual digital tool purpose built for this need. That’s when the idea hit.

Jesse reached out to his brother Simon for marketing assistance, which quickly turned into the decision by them both to take the plunge into entrepreneurship together.

Suprabook has quickly made waves in the legal tech space securing not only their first clients but also attracting investors and now a third member to help grow this rocket ship.

Listen to their story, these are two good guys on the verge of something great.

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EP 18.

Finding Your Window

Release Date: September 17th 2019
Founder of Scaling Within

Meredith Kathleen Neumann, MS, LMFT

In Episode 18 “Finding Your Window” Josh is joined by the founder of Scaling Within, Meredith Kathleen Neumann, MS, LMFT.

As a licensed therapist with 10 years experience, Meredith helps entrepreneurs and business leaders identify and overcome barriers, access their inner potential and turn challenges into opportunities for success.

Josh and Kathleen discuss the creation story around her business, as well as the learnings she has from her work with a myriad of “kings of industry”.

This is the perfect episode to remind all of us Founders/CEO’s that we are not alone (even though we may feel that way many times).

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EP 17.

Supernova CEO

Release Date: August 29th 2019
Co-Founder of Zipnosis

Jonathan Pearce

In Episode 17 “Supernova CEO” Josh is joined by Jon Pearce of Zipnosis.

Do you know yourself?

One key trait both Jon and I share is the belief in owning your strengths and weaknesses and the importance in surrounding yourself with people that are capable in ways that you are not.

My personal favorite part of this episode is when Jon discusses leadership styles and the difference between a “black hole” and “Supernova” leader. Simply put, a black hole leader is great at pulling people in, but a Supernova leader creates stars.

We should all aspire to be Supernova leaders to our teams.

Listen to the end when we give a shout to some of our favorite local founder inspirations.

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EP 16.

More Than One Way

Release Date: August 12th 2019
Founder of Living On A One Way

Shayla Christine

In Episode 16 “More Than One Way” Josh is joined by Shayla Christine of YouTube fame for her Living on a One Way series. Since 2015, Shayla has been traveling full-time, posting videos of her travels every Wednesday. Today she is helping others develop their YouTube & social strategy and looking for what’s next in her career.

One thing I see many entrepreneurs struggle with is the feeling of losing ones identity when in transition. But change is something we all need to learn to embrace. At some point, we all transition away from the businesses we have built. It might be after a successful sale, a catastrophic loss of revenue, retirement or just simply because it’s time for something new. Shayla is currently in the “what’s next” process of her life, but after speaking with her I am confident that the next thing will be epic.

This is not a story of getting rich as a YouTube celebrity. This is a story of living the life you want to live. And isn’t that what we all want?

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EP 15.

Leaving The Corporate Treadmill

Release Date July 26th 2019
Co-Founder of SureSwift Capital

Kevin McArdle

In Episode 15 “Leaving the Corporate Treadmill” Josh is joined by Kevin McArdle, co-founder of SureSwift Capital to discuss the origin of SureSwift, the decision to leave corporate America and strike out on his venture and their strategy for growth through acquiring profitable SaaS based, bootstrapped companies.
Additionally, we were joined by Jac Stark who was hired to help lead the growth of their most recent acquisition of, an important part of the local Minnesota tech scene.
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EP 14.5

The Long & Lonely Journey

Release Date July 23rd 2019
Founder of United World Challenge

Terence Steinberg

In Episode 14.5 “The Long & Lonely Journey” Josh is joined by Terence Steinberg of United World Challenge who is gearing up to row a 23-foot boat 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean by himself. This journey – the United World Challenge – is his attempt to show that with the right preparation and attitude, anything is possible, even crossing an ocean using just the power and inspiration gifted to us as human beings.

The parallels between launching and running a business were immediately obvious. How many of us feel all alone in the middle of the ocean at least once a week?

Let’s help support him in his mission by donating to his GoFundMe campaign in the link below!

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EP 14.

Rally Around Your Co-Founder

Release Date July 15th 2019
Co-Founders of Rally Registry

Kate Moss & Liz Wheaton

In Episode 14 “Rally Around Your Co-Founder” Josh is joined by Liz and Kate of to discuss how the Rally team went from a group of coworkers/employees at a previous company to a group of business partners with an idea and a goal. The company has a clear mission. Inspired by their personal experience helping one of their co-founders through cancer treatment, Rally Registry exists to make it easier to bring thoughtful gifts to loved ones facing cancer. It is also an incredible portal for individuals suffering from cancer to find the products they need while going through treatment. 
When bad things happen to our loved ones, we all want to help. We just don’t always know the best way. Rally Registry makes helping easier. 
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EP 13.

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Release Date June 18th 2019
Founder of Founders Live

Nick Hughes

In Episode 13 “Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone” Nick & Josh catch up as Nick passes through Minnesota at the mid-way point of his 12-month world tour supporting Founders Live. Founders Live started in 2016 in Seattle to give startup founders a platform to share the businesses they are building and seek the support they need to grow. Their 99 second pitch events have become a favorite format of founders across the world ever since.

After a life change in late 2018, Nick decided to hit the road in a deliberate 12 month hiatus from his normal life to learn more about what his company has become in states and places in the world he has never been. Not previously a world traveler, this has been an incredible lesson for him both physically and mentally as he continues working towards as far-off lands as Africa on his tour schedule.

Talk about jumping off a cliff and building a plane on the way down!

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EP 12.

Equity, Standardization & Vesting

Release Date June 12th 2019
Partner; Chair, M&A, Venture Capital and Emerging Company Teams at Gray, Plant, Mooty

Chris Carlisle

In episode 12 “Equity, Standardization & Vesting” Chris & Josh dive into some of the legal considerations and fundraising mechanisms startups can consider while incorporating, launching and raising during their business growth. One of the big takeaways is planning for the future in every decision from day 1. Chris has been practicing for 18 years and works exclusively in startup and emerging technology for the oldest law firm in Minnesota. His resume is impressive to say the least and the knowledge shared in this 30 minutes is invaluable.

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EP 11.

Conviction in your Strategy

Release Date May 29th 2019
Co-Founder of BETA.MN

Reed Robinson

In episode 11 “Conviction in your Strategy” Reed & Josh talk about accelerators, the Minnesota startup scene, startup week, building your team and losing a co-founder. Reed has had a front-row seat for the last 5 years to the Minnesota startup scene. He is a wealth of knowledge in this space and it was an absolute pleasure having him in the studio.

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EP 10.

Being Accountable

Release Date May 15th 2019
Founder of deltPRO

Kara Rios

In episode 10 “Feeling Accountable is not Being Accountable” Kara & Josh dive into the process Kara employed to get here technology vetted and built, where her passion for helping employees/employers find the right fit came from and how personal hardships can be the fuel you need to push through and reach your goals. Kara is one serious badass with an incredible amount of strength. Her story is proof that nothing can get in your way when you have a dream and keep a laser focus on the destination.

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EP 09.

The Sales Entrepreneur

Release Date May 1st 2019
Founder of Coffee & Closers, Otium Outdoors, BeBG

Mickeli Bedore

In episode 9 “The Sales Entrepreneur” Mickeli & Josh discuss (among other things) becoming a media outlet and the impact that can have on your personal branding and sales efforts. Building trust is the number one job of any sales professional. Providing value, being seen as a thought leader and/or a credible resource to your prospects by building a media outlet around yourself is just one of the many ways to advance the sale and build your pipeline in todays environment.

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EP 08.

Be Intentional

Release Date April 15th 2019
Founder of Upsie

Clarence Bethea

In episode 8 “Be Intentional” Josh welcomes guest Clarence Bethea of Upsie. Since participating in Techstars in 2017, Upsie has been a rocket securing the customers and funding needed to disrupt the warranty industry. A beacon of grace, humility, humanity and inspiration, Clarence walks listeners through his journey from lightbulb moment to growing business and discusses what helped him get there.

I highly recommend that you watch Clarence on his Coffee & Closers episode with Mickeli Bedore first before watching this episode.

EP 07.

Growth Mindset

Release Date April 1st 2019
Founder of Forage

Garrio Harrison

In “Growth Mindset”, the 7th Episode of The Founders Mentality, Josh and guest Garrio Harrison of Forage discuss the importance in providing mentorship to the entrepreneurial community, lessons learned from other local founders, a key trait that successful founders share (A Growth Mindset) and the lifelong pursuit of education.

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EP 06.

It's Not All Glamorous

Release Date March 15th 2019
Speaker, Tech Entrepreneur, Founder of Modern Foundation

Tyler Olson

In “It’s Not All Glamorous”, Tyler and Josh discuss new ways to build wealth leveraging the sharing economy, the importance in building thought leadership and speaking engagements to build awareness and credibility for your business and the life long pursuit that is known as entrepreneurship. The title is a little tongue-in-cheek, but this is a seriously good conversation with a local startup legend.

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EP 05.

Mapping Out The Process

Release Date March 1st 2019
Nice.Healthcare, Relate, RetraceHealth

Thompson Aderinkomi

In “Mapping Out The Process”, Thompson and Josh discuss the process of creating your minimum viable product (MVP) leveraging existing technologies, starting a business in a heavily regulated industry and being intentional with your time.

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EP 04.

Copper Bullets

Release Date February 13th 2019
Travel Labs

Parker Schlank

This is a perfect episode for anyone looking to leave their corporate role and chase greatness. In “Copper Bullets”, Parker and Josh will discuss where ideas come from, leaving corporate America, establishing domain expertise, building digital products and the importance of balancing family in your startup.

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EP 03.


Release Date January 30th 2019
Reemo Health | CLUTCH SOS

Muhammad Abdurrahman, PH.D.

In Episode 3 “Ideation”, Josh & Muhammad focus the discussion on ideation. Launching a business can be tough, what you do in the early days of ideation, formation and creation of your product or company is important. We’ll also talk about the personal background that lead to some of the companies Muhammad has been a part of.

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EP 02.

CEO Sales

Release Date January 14th 2019
Code42 , Aftercode,

Mitch Coopet

In “CEO Sales”, Mitch and Josh discuss the process of raising investments, building your first team and what it should look like and your first sales as a company.

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EP 01.

Testing Resilience

Release Date January 2nd 2019
Authentic Brand

Jennifer Zick

In “Testing Resilience”, Jennifer and Josh will touch upon the struggles that exist in getting your company started, imposter syndrome, knowing when to launch and the importance in giving back.

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