The Founders' Mentality Season 2

“People with ‘founder mentality’ can’t rest once a problem or opportunity is identified. They take on personal responsibility without complaint, learn and recruit skills as needed, and deliver results despite politics. There is unlimited global demand for founder mentality”. - Naval Ravikant
EP.28 ``Exploratory Leadership`` Intro Featuring Nate Garvis of Studio/E


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EP 30.

Creating a Media Company

Release Date: May 15th 2020
Sweet Fish Media

James Carbary

In Episode 30 “Creating a Media Company” Host Josh Fedie, Founder of is joined by James Carbary of Sweet Fish Media.

In todays environment, content is king. But the content of today is dramatically different than it was even just 5 years ago.

If you follow Gary V in any capacity, you’ll be familiar with his stance on how every company should be viewing themselves as a media company.

James and I share this belief as well.

I responded by creating a media focus within my business, a time consuming and laborious endeavor.

James on the other hand, after seeing the challenges for businesses to successfully implement this kind of strategy for themselves decided to solve a problem and create a media company to help other businesses become a media company.

James is also the author of a new book Content-Based Networking, which dives deep into the opportunities content production serves towards business development and person branding.

If your business has been considering getting into the podcasting game this would be an ideal listen for you.

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EP 29.

A Whole World of Experience

Release Date: May 1st 2020

Patrick Thompson

In Episode 29 “A Whole World of Experience” Host Josh Fedie, Founder of is joined by Patrick Thompson of Iteratively.

What is Iteratively? A smart tracking plan for smart companies. It’s a software that fosters collaboration with your entire team to ship high-quality analytics faster and be confident in the results.

Before becoming the co-founder of this new company, Patrick worked in some incredible roles with some of the biggest tech companies in and all over the world including some that my company (and yours) likely use a lot. Atlassian.

You’ve heard of Jira and Trello right!?

Clearly, this is someone focused on organization and productivity, which made his recent company a natural fit within the skillset he developed through his career.

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EP 28.

Exploratory Leadership

Release Date: April 14th 2020

Nate Garvis

In Episode 28 “Exploratory Leadership” Host Josh Fedie, Founder of is joined by Nate Garvis, the Co-Founder of Studio/E.

Nate and his longtime friend and Co-Founder Tom Wiese started their business in 2011. It was during a walk together (while talking about their own life and the lives of people they love) that they identified a need they believed they could solve.

What was that need? A place for business leaders to come together. To learn. To Grow. to help each other do better in life and business. To be better leaders in their work and community.

For the last 11 years, this initial concept has remained and has helped inspire countless leaders. Their events and workshops have become things of legends and their community is the definition of supportive.

If you’re just learning about Studio/E, I hope you look into them more. They are an incredible resource.

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EP 27.

Be Generous

Release Date: March 31st 2020
Kris Lindahl Real Estate

Kris Lindahl

In Episode 27 “Be Generous” Host Josh Fedie, Founder of is joined by Kris Lindahl of Kris Lindahl Real Estate.

If you live in Minnesota, you know Kris as the “guy from the billboards”. But as you’ll learn in this interview he is much more.

He is an innovator, he is full of generosity and he truly has The Founders’ Mentality.

After working in Real Estate for other firms and growing his book of business in record breaking ways, he decided to apply his philosophy of how Real Estate could look by launching the Kris Lindahl Team.

The rest seems clear to most. He is almost omnipresent with his marketing hitting us on podcasts, live events, every other billboard in the state and radio, but it’s really his Be Generous campaign that he is most passionate about today. If you’re not sure what that is, tune in and learn something new about a guy you assumed you knew everything about already.

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EP 26.

Luck of The Irish

Release Date: March 17th 2020
Irish Titan

Darin Lynch

In Episode 26 “Luck of the Irish” Host Josh Fedie, Founder of is joined by Darin Lynch, the founder of Irish Titan.

Since 2004, Darin and his team of Titans have been beating the “Business First. Online Second.℠” drum. It’s more than just a catchy (and trademarked!) saying for them. It’s how they work every day.

Prior to founding his agency, Darin was responsible for some of the early ecommerce developments at companies like Wilsons Leather and 2nd Swing Golf stores.

But like many founders, he had dreams of doing things differently. In his way. On his terms.

And then one magical St. Patricks Day, his vision started taking shape and the rest is history.

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EP 25.

The Real Deal

Release Date: February 28th 2020

Scott Burns & Ron Lancaster

In Episode 25 (Season 2 premier) “The Real Deal” Host Josh Fedie, Founder of is joined by Scott Burns and Ron Lancaster of Structural.

Scott Burns, the Founder and CEO of structural first made waves in the Minnesota startup scene with his business GovDelivery where he was the Founder and CEO for 17 years.

Post acquisition, Scott founded Structural, a technology company developed to empower people and teams with data-rich profiles, intelligent search and real-time insights.

Scott believes in fostering a strong ecosystem for entrepreneurs and was part of the investment group behind Osborn 370 in St. Paul which is filled with some of the best and brightest startups Minnesota has to offer.

Also joining in the studio was Ron Lancaster who is a master of wearing many hats, but most notably the hat of CTO at Structural. He was one of the first employees to join the startup and has been a critical piece in the early success.

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